Information on this site has been updated to cover the Covid-19 era opening

The number of visitors per session will be limited therefore please book your preferred session online in advance.

All activity equipment will be regularly cleaned down but please do bring hand sanitiser with you. Please keep in your social hub groups whilst at the attraction and maintain social distance from other visitors. Please bring face coverings with you for use when indoors and when in close proximity to other visitors.

Apple Jack’s Law of the Land

Safety Notice and Disclaimer

To keep everyone safe and happy, when you are on Apple Jack’s Adventure Farm land you must abide by these rules carefully. Children 15 years of age and under must be supervised by a PARENT or GUARDIAN throughout each activity. The attractions are mainly aimed at 4 to 12 year olds. The rules can also be downloaded and viewed from this link "Apple Jacks Law of the Land". Additional information can also be viewed on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase

When purchasing tickets you are agreeing to the rules on this page and to other information found on the website including our Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase that has to be agreed to at the payments page before payment can be taken.


  1. KEEP AWAY from all FENCES and BARRIERS on the farm and all HOT SURFACES in food outlets. These areas are OUT OF BOUNDS.
  2. Be aware of others around you and avoid colliding with them.
  3. DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOUR will not be tolerated, and those involved in or encouraging such behaviour could be asked to leave the site.


You must be competent in the following skills BEFORE you take part in skating:

  1. Able to hold good balance when on roller skates.
  2. Control movement and direction of at speed.
  3. Be able to stop safely under full control.
  4. Be able to control a fall.
  5. Be aware of others around and avoid collisions.
  6. Participants are asked to wear LONG SLEEVES down to the wrists throughout the activity. We strongly advise the use of personal protection equipment which is available to hire.

Zip Wires

WARNING: This activity is NOT suitable for children aged 6 years and under. Children aged 7-16 must be supervised by a PARENT or GUARDIAN throughout the activity. Follow the instructions given by the operator.

  1. You must be able to hold onto the zipwire tightly with both hands and brace for impact at the end.
  2. Ensure to take care when disembarking
  3. Only one person per seat per ride
  4. Running or push starts are not allowed
  5. All instructions and guide lines should be followed
  6. Not suitable for children aged 6 and under
  7. Children aged 7-16 must be supervised by their parents, carers or a responsible adult at all times
  8. Maximum weight on this attraction is 11 stone or 69.85kg
  9. You must not take part if you have any physical limitations

Hay Bale Hill (it used to be a mountain!)

-- The Hay Bale Hill used to be a mountain until Health & Safety policy resulted in it being reduced to a hill.
-- All children taking part in this activity must be supervised by a PARENT or GUARDIAN throughout the activity.
-- Parents / guardians should not allow children in their care aged 6 and under to go any higher than the first layer of hay bales.
-- Parents / carers should assist people in their care when climbing on and off the bales.

  2. DO NOT JUMP from any level of the Hay Bale Hill.
  3. DO NOT SOMERSAULT from any level of the Hay Bale Hill.
  4. DO NOT PUSH other guests off any of the hay bales.
  5. DO NOT COLLIDE with other guests, otherwise you could be asked to leave.
  6. NEVER PULL STRAW out of the bales.
  7. NO NAKED FLAMES or lit cigarettes allowed around the Hay Bale Hill.
  8. Take care when exiting the Hay Bale Hill and area. Climb down carefully and exit the area carefully.

Jumping Pillow

WARNING: Minors over 15 years of age and adults MUST NOT jump on the pillow.

  1. Please give priority to younger children.
  2. Supervising adults are advised to assist young children to access and exit the jumping pillow.
  3. DO NOT jump on the pillow when within 1.5 metres of the edges of the pillow.
  4. DO NOT jump when near to other people.

Drop Slide

WARNING. Children aged 6 years and under are not allowed on the Drop Slide.

  1. Warning: This attraction involves a sheer vertical drop.
  2. Only allow a child to take part if they are physically able to climb to the top and go down the slide unassisted.
  3. Only one child to go down the slide at any time.
  4. Each child must go feet first with arms across the chest.
  5. No pushing or jumping.
  6. Long sleeved tops, long pants and socks must be worn by each child.
  7. You must not take part if you have any physical limitations.


The following items are all play activities which are unsupervised by park attendants:

  • Small Inflatables
  • Tip Topper
  • Sand Pit
  • Mini Diggers
  • Toddler Swings
  • Rocking Animals
  • Play House
  • Small Slides
  • Play Frame
  • Farm Fun House Trail
  • Haunted House Trail
  • Stationary Wooden Tractor
  • Hay Ride
  • Wooden maze with platforms

We strongly advise that any child six years or under using any of the above play equipment MUST be actively supervised by a responsible adult assisting the child to ascend and descend where necessary


Play Areas are unsupervised. Play safely.

The proprietors will not accept responsibility for any incidents or accidents that occur as a result of failure to comply with all guidelines and verbal instructions given.

No responsibility will be accepted for loss of clothing or belongings.



Safety hand rails, hand holds, foot rests, safety supporting bars, soft safety matting, sand and grass areas, steps and hand rails. Please ensure that all young children use all safety aids provided.


Children aged 6 and under will require an adult to ride with them on the back of the kart. Please note that the quad karts are coin operated (bring £1 coins with you).


Safety checks are regularly carried out on equipment and fixtures. Some play areas are unattended by park attendants and care should be taken by all visitors to play safely and to also consider the safety of others when playing, and when entering and leaving play areas.


It is illegal to drive on private land whilst uninsured if the private land is accessible to the public. Drivers of vehicles on this property must have a current driving licence and relevant insurance to drive the vehicle. Uninsured drivers and drivers without a current driving licence are forbidden from driving on this property.


Risk assessments are regularly completed on equipment and fixtures, and they are held on file, but they are for internal use only and are not provided to groups or to the general public. They are not supplied to external groups because external organisations that require a risk assessment have to complete their own assessment regardless of any document produced by the attraction. Organisations can have their own unique requirements that have to be met.


This is a working farm therefore no dogs or other pets are allowed on the property (except for registered guide dogs). Please note it is a working farm and not a petting zoo.


Apple Jacks Adventure Park cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to any personal belongings or lost property whatsoever.


Apple Jacks does have a small amount of open water at the park. However, any open water is off the beaten track and not within the boundaries of the adventure park. Parents and Guardians must accompany small children at all times.


On site vehicle use is kept to an absolute minimum when the park is open to members of the public. If the need arises to bring a vehicle on site, speed restrictions are reduced to walking pace and all vehicles will put on its hazard warning lights and will be provided with a walking escort.