Is Apple Jacks open today?

Apple Jacks Adventure Park re-opens from the 29th March 2013 and is open on selected dates throughout the months of April, May, June, July, and September. It is open everyday in August. Please check the tickets and prices page for full opening time details.

Can I book online?

Yes, and you save money by booking online too!

Are there toilets on the park?

Yes, we do have toilets on the park. We also have toilet facilities for those needing wheelchair access.

Are there baby changing facilities?

Yes, there are baby change facilities available on site.

Do you do any group booking discounts?

Yes. Details of the group booking discounts can be found on the schools and groups pages.

Do you do any discount for charities?

Each charity will need to contact the park. More information can be found at the charities page.

Are there healthy eating options?

We sell a wide range of food, including jacket potatoes, salads & sandwiches. Please visit the food and drink page for more information.

What is the park like for disabled access?

We have limited access for disabled guests. An accessibility guide is available. Most of our activities can be physically demanding, so please check the guide for more information on what is required of the participant for each activity.

Can I see your risk assessments for the park?

Yes, our risk assessment is available on the downloads pane of this page.

What extra charges are there when inside?

The mini-digger (£1), Laser Battle (£2.50), and quad karts cost £1 per-ride.

Do you have somewhere to buy gifts?

Yes. Our gift emporium should satisfy your gift needs!

How can I get a job at Apple Jacks/Spooky World?

Please click here for more information about applying.

Can adults join in the activities?

Most of our activities are suitable for both adults and children.

Do you have somewhere to park the car?

Yes, we have a large FREE car park and designated disabled badge holder only section. Please take care when driving down the Apple Jacks drive.

Are visitors exposed to water at Apple Jacks Adventure Park

There are ponds at the park which are clearly sign posted as "Deep Water".

Are there height restrictions for the attractions?

As our activities are physically demanding, younger ones may find it difficult to take part in activities such as Archery.

What are the medical provisions at the park?

The First Aid point is situated behind The Grill. We can offer First Aid.

Are there any traffic hazards in the park?

On site vehicle use is kept to an absolute minimum when the park is open to members of the public. When the need arises to bring a vehicle on site, speed restrictions are reduced to walking pace and all vehicles will put on its hazard warning lights and will be provided with a pedestrian escort. As you enter the park, there is a tractor crossing. Tractors will always stop as they are required to open a gate to let themselves through.

Are there lockers at the park?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer lockers to our guests at this time. We do, however, have a stamp-out system which means you can leave your lunch in the car or coach as long as you get your hand stamped at the park entrance. You must have a valid day stamp (which changes daily) to re-enter the park.

Does the park have an emergency/evacuation procedure?

The park has many emergency procedures and policies. From Fire, to full park evacuation.

Is the park clearly signposted?

There is limited signage around the park, however we do have a park map which is issued as you enter the park. If you need additional copies of this map, please ask and we'll happily supply you with a few more.

What is the procedure when dealing with visitors who misbeha

We try to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable and trouble-free day when they visit the park. Unfortunately there are times when certain visitors misbehave and under these circumstances, the company reserves the right to ask visitors to leave the park when their behaviour is deemed unacceptable. When children are involved in such a situation, we will contact the group leader prior to any action being taken.

What do I do if a child has become separated from the group?

Report to a member of staff who will arrange for you to have a message announced on the 2 way radio system. We will take a brief description of the child and this information will be given out to staff via our internal radio system. When the child is found they will be taken to Gift Emporium and we will contact you. Please note that the names of children are not broadcast over the radio system. No announcements can be made over the public address system with regards to missing children.

If a child becomes separated from the group what should they

They should go to a member of staff (all staff will be wearing company uniform), they will then take them to the Gift Emporium. We will then get in touch with you. It is advisable to have a meeting point, where a group leader is based for your visitors to report to in such cases.

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